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Sigi – Joe Tacopina: back and forth

Sigi – Joe Tacopina: back and forth
Nicolò Marchese

A very busy day for Catania and the future of the club. Everything is started at 6.30 a.m. with a long letter sent by Joe Tacopina to all the press. The concept is clear: the time for the closing is over, the preliminary agreement signed in January has no longer value, another is needed.

Sigi’s lawyer Giovanni Ferraù seemed with no worries, at NewsCatania’s microphones said that the preliminary agreement expired yesterday, so there are no problems to sign another one. But in the evening arrived the official answer by Sigi to Joe Tacopina.

Sigi said that all the delays did not depend from them, but from the bureaucratics machine that exists in Italy. The hard work never missed, but a new preliminary agreement wasn’t necessary, it was enough to extend the previous one.

Now what? Now it’s time to wait. Both parts want to reach a definitive agreement, but it will be necessary to work without any stop, with the desire to find a happy ending.

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